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Savannah Area FCA Student Athlete of the Month - Matt Brown of South Effingham High School

Savannah Area FCA Student Athlete of the Month - Matt Brown of South Effingham High School

Pictured Left to Right: Coach Donnie Revell, Matt Brown and Chuck Bradley - Savannah Area FCA Representative for Bryan and Effingham Counties

October 2017 Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes Student Athlete of the Month – Matt Brown of South Effingham High School.

The Savannah Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes would like to congratulate Matt Brown on being selected as the Savannah Area FCA Student Athlete of the Month for October 2017.  Matt is a 17-year old senior at South Effingham High School that is well respected by his teammates because of his commitment to Christ on and off the field.  Matt is a three-sport athlete that plays linebacker on the Football Team, forward on the Basketball Team and runs track for the Mustang’s Track Team.  Matt’s favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 29:11 and his favorite food is Hawaiian Pizza.  An interesting fact about Matt is that he shares a freckle on the same finger with his grandmother.  Matt was awarded a framed Student Athlete of the Month Certificate, a $30 Zaxby’s gift card, a Fellowship of Christian Athlete’s Bible and a FCA performance shirt.

From our staff at Savannah Area FCA, we would like to say thank you to Matt for his passion for Christ and his involvement with FCA on campus at South Effingham High School.


Below is a short interview we did with Matt:

1. As a student athlete that is focused on living out your faith on and off the field, what’s the biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself?

One of the biggest things I have learned about myself is that many people, teammates and other students of my school, look up to me as a respectable and fun person to be around. I've always been taught to be humble, but upon hearing this and of all the leadership I've displayed, smiles always crept on my face and I thoroughly enjoyed the recognition.

2. As a high school student athlete, is it difficult to stay focused on your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Yes, it has been a difficult ride throughout high school trying to maintain my focus on my walk and relationship with Christ. There have been many distractions that have come from playing on sports teams and having other classmates who do not share the same perspective and values on living life. The walk hasn't been easy, but through my trials, I have grown to be stronger.

3. What are some things you do every day to make sure you stay focused on your relationship with Christ? 

Since I love music, I usually play either Christian rap or gospel music as I am getting ready for my day. During the moment of silence at the start of school, I take the time to pray and thank God for the day and the people and blessings He has given me, just as a daily reminder and praise.


4. What is your involvement with FCA on campus, and how has FCA helped you stay focused on your relationship with Christ.

I regularly go to the FCA Huddle after football practices when I can. And when I do go, I'm usually one of the more vocal people during discussion, sharing my thoughts and experiences on whatever the topic may be. Besides that, I attend our weekly meeting of FCS or Fellowship of Christian Students on Friday mornings to hear the message given from students I know and speakers from around the area. I enjoy starting off my day like so.


5. It’s the last play of a game and the game is on the line. You huddle up your teammates to motivate them. What do you say?

I would definitely tell them, "We are football players. And players make plays! That's what we have to do. Nothing is going to be handed to you!"


6. What are your plans after you graduate?

After graduation, I plan to go to either UGA or Wake Forest to study Pre-Health. And if I am blessed with the opportunity to play collegiate football, then I will go to the best school that is most suited for me! And wherever I end up, I plan to make that place my mission field and continue to share my story of what Christ has done for me and the love He has for the world.